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I'm leaving my other home - LA... what else can I say...?
Maybe just couple things...

Thank you Peter and Natasha for my two wings on United Airlines. Hope for a better one next time. (United Airlines sucks!) But thank you anyway!

Rene: thank you for motivating us to do thinks we all wanted to do but we were afraid to ask.

Kathy Crogan : Glen Ivy would not be the same without you!!!

Shandra Crogan : I had now idea I had a sister in CA!
Vintage... Champagne...Vintage...Discount...Vintage
it must be love!!!

Roy Crogan : being quite... is sexy.
Thank you for driving... and you patience...AND MY IPHONE!!!

Roy Johns: there are so many things i want to say...but I won't. Thank you for you MAGIC! I mean... castle, poster, DVD ( I'll watch it at home...alone).

Marc Estrella: when I dance with you , I think I'm the best dancer in the world. Can I book a private lesson? ))

Billy Parish: how many times can you handle hearing :"This is my best friend - Maria, do you remember her?" Many more to come!

Jim Polin: even if i don't know what to do (in salsa class) you are gonna make me do it...no matter what. ;)

Carlos de Monte Cristo: Without you I would be sitting in Orange County instead clubbing in LA. And those Frеnch Tuesdays... Oo-la-la!!!

Yelena: thank you for you hospitality at the studio. Dружить будем? ( for those who don't read Russian, I asked her if we could be friend's.)

Andrey: you made me INDEPENDENT by showing me the Subway WAY. Thank you for just being there ...somewhere...

Peter: you are still TOOO SWEET for me )) , but i think I'm learning to appreciate it ;)) Thank you for my glass always being full. За здоровье и не пизди! (Za zdorovje i ne pizdi!) ( for those who don't read Russian, i wished him to be in good health and to fuck off! ;;)))

Michael/Michelangelissimo: thank you for introducing me to the Great Michael and his Mexican soup. Looking forward to a second date!
Tell Bad Michael that he is cute too.

I have nothing to say about my best friend Natasha, except that ... one week with her is not enough, two weeks... is not enough, three weeks... is not enough, four weeks... is TOOOOO MUCH. The problem is... that we've been friends our whole lives...so we are kinda stuck.

Special thanks to Christopher Columbus for discovering America.




Кто вы в Библии?

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Вы -- Иосиф Прекрасный, один из двенадцати сыновей Иакова (он же Яаков). Как-то вам приснился сон -- ну, про то, как все родственники вам кланяются, - и с тех пор у вас не было проблем с самооценкой. Но вы ведь и в самом деле самый умный и красивый из братьев. Когда надо, вы наблюдаете жизнь, делая правильные выводы, но не вмешиваясь, а когда надо -- действуете. Вы нигде не пропадете. А вы правда простили ваших братьев?

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